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QTIP -  Qualified terminable interest property
Qualified Beneficiary -  Generally, qualified beneficiaries include covered employees, their spouses (or former spouses) and their dependent children who are covered under the group health plan on the day before the qualifying event. In certain cases, retired employees, their spouses and dependent children may be qualified beneficiaries. In addition, any child born to, or placed for adoption with, a covered employee during a period of COBRA continuation coverage is a qualified beneficiary. A qualified beneficiary who has elected COBRA coverage should be considered a participant under the plan for purpose of the disclosure requirements under Part I of ERISA (such as, provision of a summary plan description (SPD).
Qualifying Event -  Certain events that would ordinarily cause an individual to lose health coverage. The type of qualifying event will determine who the qualified beneficiaries for the qualifying event are and the length of time COBRA continuation coverage is available.

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