A strategic and comprehensive solution for your people needs

As your company begins to scale on a global level, you need the right strategic PEO partner to help you employ teams in the United States, legally and compliantly. When it comes to comp, benefits, and outsourced HR and payroll, there’s no better PEO than Sequoia One.

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A trusted partner for Remote clients’ US operations

Sequoia One will manage your US-based employees, ensuring your people operations run the way they should. With a strategic focus on helping you get the most out of your total people investment, we will protect your business growth while you focus on achieving your company mission.

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Choose the PEO that sets the new standard

Outsourced HR, payroll & compliance

With our 23+ years of experience supporting tech startups, Sequoia is the premier choice for outsourced HR services, including HR administration, payroll and taxes, compliance, and risk management.

Complete PEO employee benefits

Access specially negotiated rates for PEO employee benefits that deliver more value at a lower cost and still rival the variation and coverage of bigger companies. 

Strategic comp management

When 75% of your spend is on your people, the right HR tools include compensation management tools to help you smartly control your people spend. We provide the right HR tools.

Elevated employee experience

Ensure your people in the United States get the most out of their total rewards with a thoroughly modern employee experience that includes the #1 rated benefits mobile app.

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Award-winning HR platform

Leverage unified people data, complete compensation and benefits management, and employee engagement tools powered by generative AI to quickly understand how your people strategy is impacting the bottom line. And impress your investors while you’re at it.

Extended advisory services

Easily pair additional advisory support into Sequoia One and extend the reach of your people programs with expert guidance on compensation strategy, financial, wellbeing, and risk.

The proven PEO partner that helps you make your mark

The most referred PEO in tech

Sequoia One is the only PEO specifically designed to help VC-backed tech companies thrive by taking care of the administrative burdens distracting you from the bigger picture. We look at your people strategy holistically and provide guidance, service, and technology to address the compensation, benefits, HR, and payroll needs of growth-minded companies.

Total people investment management

Grow confidently with a holistic approach to employee compensation and benefits that scales with your business and pleases your people. Get strategic with people data insights that help you instill confidence from your board and investors, control spend, and win top talent. Then, harness the power of our experienced service team as they take HR admin tasks off your plate and give you total peace of mind.