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Why an Accredited and Certified PEO Is the Best Choice for Startups Featured Image

Why an Accredited and Certified PEO Is the Best Choice for Startups

Learn why most consultants recommend and startup leaders choose ESAC accredited CPEOs as their preferred PEO partners over non-certified PEOs.

Returning to the Office 5 Tips for a Smooth Transition Featured Image

Returning to the Office? 5 Tips for a Smooth Transition

Thinking about returning to the office? Don’t ask employees to give up remote life before reading these tips on how to create your RTO policy.

Gen Z Salary Expectations, Benefits Needs, and Workplace Expectations Startups Must Know Blog Featured Image

Gen Z Salary and Benefits Expectations Startups Must Know

Gen Z’s salary and benefits expectations greatly differ from other generations. Here’s what startups must know when attracting and retaining Gen Z employees.

Optimize Your Tech Startup Funding How AI Startup Companies Scale Smartly from the Beginning Blog Featured Image

How AI Startups Secure Key Hires Without Exhausting Runway Amid a Talent Shortage

Explore how AI startups combat the AI talent shortage with a strategic compensation and benefits offering that helps the company scale smartly.

Health Insurance for Small Companies in 2024 How a PEO Helps Negotiate Better Rates Blog Featured Image

Health Insurance for Small Companies in 2024: How a PEO Helps Negotiate Better Rates

As health insurance for small companies becomes more costly, Sequoia One helps startups secure affordable health insurance that attracts and retains top talent.

PEO For Small Businesses Blog

How Sequoia One Grew from a Preferred PEO for Small Businesses to the Most Referred PEO in Tech in 10 Years

Learn how Sequoia One transformed from a PEO for small businesses into the Most Referred PEO in tech, offering PEO benefits, comp, HR, payroll & compliance.

The Power of Aligning Comp and Benefits Strategies with Business Goals: Startup Secrets to Success and Valuation

The most successful startup leaders align their comp and benefits strategies to their startup business goals, positively impacting their valuations.

Ranking HR Solutions: Which Is Best for Your Tech Startup?

Review the top 3 HR solutions for tech startups and see if the PEO advantages, hybrid HR, or internal HR is best for your growing tech startup.

Why Is a Strategic Compensation Plan Vital to Startup Success?

Learn why developing a strategic compensation plan is vital to your startup’s success and discover how to control and optimize the majority of your spend.

How Growing Tech Startups Choose the Best PEO Partner

Growing tech startups need the best PEO to provide support and guidance during their growth trajectory. Read how to choose the best PEO for your company.