Insights & Reports

SNEAK PEEK: 2024 Benefits Benchmarking Report, Mid-Size Edition

See a selection of insights on how tech companies with 100 to 499 employees are designing their benefits programs in 2024.

2024 Compensation Practices Report Sneak Peek

Get a sneak peek at the latest 2024 compensation practices trends and program changes to help make more informed decisions about your compensation strategy.

2023 Return to Office Pulse Survey Results

Many employees still work remotely, years after the pandemic began. In our 2023 Return to Office Pulse Survey, see how companies are handling return to office policies.

Going Global Playbook

Sequoia’s Going Global Playbook shares the paths and timelines for expanding a global workforce and breaks down the process into five areas.

2023 Benefits Benchmarking Report Sneak Peek

See how your employee benefits stack up against other companies your size in this preview of our annual benchmarking report.

HR Playbook for Tech Startups

A strategic playbook providing recommendations and actionable tips to help tech startups get total people investment right from the start.

COVID-19 Vaccine Employer Policy Report

See how various employers are planning for vaccines in the workplace, from mandates to offering incentives.

The Future of Work Report

A report on how 572 people-driven companies are planning a return to the workplace and the managing the nuances of a distributed workforce.

Managing a Distributed Workforce

See how companies are tackling relocation and salary policies, employee engagement, benefits and more to accommodate remote teams.