Digital Employee Experience

Keep your people happy, productive, and engaged in their total rewards

Sequoia One knows your business thrives when your people do. We give you the tools to deliver a digital employee experience that reflects the value you place in your people without sacrificing your business edge.

Employee with access to virtual benefits

#1 rated mobile app for employees

Empower your people to take charge of their health, wealth, and wellbeing with an easy-to-use web experience and the top-rated mobile app for employees. Made available through our platform, you can watch as benefits engagement and overall appreciation increase with on-the-go access to all the programs you provide.

AI-powered communications

Quickly create employee-facing communications and push notifications through our app to drive engagement in your programs. Don’t sweat trying to come up with engaging content — let our generative AI engine do the heavy lifting! Also measure how your people interact with your content as you aim to improve employee experience metrics.

Image of an AI-supported news post being published in the Sequoia Mobile App
Image of the Sequoia Mobile App displaying an employee's total rewards

Insightful total rewards statements

Our platform lets you easily deliver a crystal-clear summary of each employee’s compensation, equity, and benefits in an interactive statement that showcases all the ways you invest in them. With the same ease, create merit letters to reward your top performers. Available right in the Sequoia mobile app, your people can visualize a successful future with their employer!