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Sequoia One is the only PEO proven to help tech startups better manage their single largest expense — their people spend. That’s why Sequoia One is the partner venture capital firms trust to not only expertly handle all the HR table stakes for their portcos, but also help them win top talent while controlling cash and equity burn.

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Guiding tech startups on their path to IPO

As one of Sequoia One’s VC partners, you gain peace of mind knowing your portcos are guided by the only PEO built to support the unique growth path of VC-backed tech companies. As they strive to optimize people spend in today’s economic environment, finance and HR leaders can rely on Sequoia One to deliver an adaptable comp and benefits strategy that stays aligned to the goals of their founders, their board, and their venture capital firm.

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“My team at Sequoia is always presenting new ideas to me, whether it’s introducing new product capabilities, advising us on our benefits options, or helping us stay compliant with new legislation. They’re always miles ahead of me, keeping me up to speed on what I need to know and when I need to act.”

Michael Czirkak

Head of OperationsAlkymi

“Sequoia One has been fantastic about offering clear instructions. I can easily email my Sequoia team and ask for clarification or get on a phone call. It’s like having someone working with you at the company.”

Joua Thao

Director, HR Radish

“Not only has Sequoia One taken all of the different aspects of HR and housed it in one neatly wrapped package, they’ve also given me an entire team. Working with them helped me get things done, but it also made me feel like I wasn’t alone.”

Stephanie Kawamura

Chief Operating Officer Axiom

“Sequoia One has given me more than I expected. They always go above and beyond. These tools have helped us develop and share a company compensation philosophy around transparency and pay equity.”

Jessica Hillis

People Operations Manager Luma Health

“From day one, Sequoia One has been an extension of our HR. Not only do they help with day-to-day tasks, but the partnership allows us to compete with larger companies and punch higher than we could on our own.”

Matt Rigdon

SVP of Global People Searchmetrics

Full visibility into cash and equity burn

With Sequoia One’s end-to-end compensation management solution, tech startups clearly see, in real time, how their compensation philosophy, headcount plan, and merit plan impact their VC funding, runway, and ability to attract and retain top talent.

Real-time insights and reports that inform boards and venture capital firms

Feel confident in the data your portcos present during board meetings, knowing it wasn’t manually managed in outdated spreadsheets. With the Sequoia People Platform, startup leaders can generate instant reports that bring together data from all their people systems — giving a full and accurate story of how they’re managing their total people spend.

Strategic outsourcing to help startup leaders preserve strong valuation

Whether your portco is in pre-seed or a late stage VC funding, you never want your founders, CEO, CFO, or HR leader to get derailed from their focus on the next inflection point due to day-to-day HR, payroll, and compliance operational tasks. Sequoia One relieves startup leaders of numerous administrative burdens so they can refocus on factors that drive higher company valuation.

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