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23 Years of Service

Tapping 23+ years of tech startup savviness

No one knows employee benefits for small businesses better than Sequoia. That’s because we’ve spent decades coming through for high tech clients of all sizes and systematizing our expert knowledge of employee compensation, health and retirement benefits, HR operations, and more. We turn our startup savviness into your Sequoia One advantage.

Balancing guidance, service, and technology

Unlike traditional PEOs, your dedicated Sequoia One team specializes in strategic guidance, service excellence, and technology orchestration for VC-backed startups. With the right mix of human expertise and platform power, we’ll help your leadership team make smarter decisions about your comp and benefits, reduce administrative burdens, and deliver an elevated people experience.

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Boosting board room readiness

Regardless of economic conditions, more than 75% of a tech startup’s spend is usually on its people. With so much on the line, Sequoia One puts your data to work in meaningful ways that make sense to your board. We’ll give you the visibility and insights you need to win top talent, streamline or scale your operations, stabilize HR costs, and impress your investors.

Helping great companies become great big companies

Sequoia One has a proven track record providing everything small companies need to optimize their people spend and grow smartly through rounds of funding. And when you outgrow a PEO, we’ve got a seamless transition path and solutions to set you up for what’s next on your journey to the top. 

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Taking HR consulting services to the next level

Sequoia One goes beyond just covering your HR, payroll, and tax obligations. Our core program includes compensation management, best-in-class benefits packages, and people strategy intelligence – all key accelerators for startups on a growth path. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on getting your business to the next level. 

“My team at Sequoia is always presenting new ideas to me, whether it’s introducing new product capabilities, advising us on our benefits options, or helping us stay compliant with new legislation. They’re always miles ahead of me, keeping me up to speed on what I need to know and when I need to act.”

Michael Czirkak

Head of OperationsAlkymi

“Sequoia One has been fantastic about offering clear instructions. I can easily email my Sequoia team and ask for clarification or get on a phone call. It’s like having someone working with you at the company.”

Joua Thao

Director, HR Radish

“Sequoia One has given me more than I expected. They always go above and beyond. These tools have helped us develop and share a company compensation philosophy around transparency and pay equity.”

Jessica Hillis

People Operations Manager Luma Health

“From day one, Sequoia One has been an extension of our HR. Not only do they help with day-to-day tasks, but the partnership allows us to compete with larger companies and punch higher than we could on our own.”

Matt Rigdon

SVP of Global People Searchmetrics

“Not only has Sequoia One taken all of the different aspects of HR and housed it in one neatly wrapped package, they’ve also given me an entire team. Working with them helped me get things done, but it also made me feel like I wasn’t alone.”

Stephanie Kawamura

Chief Operating Officer Axiom

About Sequoia One

The most referred PEO in tech

Sequoia One is the only PEO specifically designed to help VC-backed tech companies thrive by taking care of the administrative burdens distracting you from the bigger picture. We look at your people strategy holistically and provide guidance, service, and technology to address the compensation, benefits, HR, and payroll needs of growth-minded companies.

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Sequoia One is the PEO from Sequoia, one of the largest and most trusted comp and benefits consulting firms in the US. Serving 2,500 clients from startups to global enterprises, Sequoia maintains 97% of its client base year over year. We attribute this success to our people-driven culture and our dedication to coming through for clients no matter what.

And we’ve built Sequoia One on that same DNA.