Next-gen global HR platform for multi-national employers

As your tech startup begins to scale on a global level, you need the right PEO power duo to help you employ teams, legally and compliantly. Sequoia One is partnering with Remote to make that happen.

Remote partnership

A single solution for managing and expanding your global workforce

No matter where in the world your business grows, Sequoia One and Remote have you covered. While Remote directs your workforce outside of the US, Sequoia One will manage your US-based employees, ensuring your people operations run the way they should. Joint customers gain access to:

  • Employer of Record (EOR): Hire, manage, and pay employees through Remote in any country where you don’t have a legal entity.
  • Certified PEO: Rely on a trusted outsource HR and payroll partner for employee populations in the US with Sequoia One.
  • Global HRIS: Manage US-based employees on Sequoia One and international employees on Remote from a single integrated system.
  • Contractor Management: Seamlessly hire and pay international contractors with Remote.
  • Global Payroll: Consolidate multi-country payroll processes and pay your entire team with Remote.

Explore the benefits of Sequoia One's and Remote's PEO partnership


US-based & global PEO partnership

The most referred PEO in tech

Sequoia One is the only PEO specifically designed to help VC-backed tech companies thrive by taking care of the administrative burdens distracting you from the bigger picture. We look at your people strategy holistically and provide guidance, service, and technology to address the compensation, benefits, HR, and payroll needs of growth-minded companies.

Global HR made easy

Talent is everywhere — opportunity is not. Remote’s mission is to create opportunity everywhere, empowering employers to find and hire the best talent, and enabling individuals to build financial and personal freedom. Businesses around the world use Remote to hire, manage, and pay their globally distributed workforces, simply and compliantly.