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When it comes to comp, benefits, and outsourced HR and payroll for VC-backed tech companies, there’s no PEO partner better than Sequoia One. We specialize in the strategic guidance, service excellence, and tools AI companies need to win top talent, scale operations, stabilize people costs, and build confidence with investors.
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You deserve more than a traditional PEO partner

AI companies that outperform understand that it’s all about their people. And when 75% or more of your total business spend goes towards pay, equity, benefits, wellbeing, and perks, it’s vital to get your people strategy right from day one.

With Sequoia One, you can grow confidently knowing we provide a holistic approach to employee compensation and benefits that scales with your business and pleases your people. Our real-time, total people investment insights helps you instill confidence from your board and investors, control spend, and win top talent. And, you gain total HR peace of mind with our experienced service team that is proven to take HR, payroll, and compliance off your plate and help you meet your mission.

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Strategic PEO services to help you make your mark

Specialized in supporting VC-backed AI companies, Sequoia One lets you focus on your mission while strategically protecting business growth from day one: